"Online Private Tuition is a very convenient option to engage a highly qualified Tutor for a personalized teaching engagement anytime from the comfort of your home without using any special device or tools. All you need is an internet enabled computer."

If you are not a regular tuition student and you need help only on specific topics at specific times then this just for you. You can engage highly qualified tutors just for a single class anytime you need and stick to the topic that you want to study Class 6 - 9 = Rs 499/- per class, Class 10 - 12 = Rs 699/- per class.

If you are a regular tuition student and need a very structured teaching engagement with the teacher of your choice, then get on-board with our Monthly Engagement Plan. This plan offers you the flexibility of picking up mutually convenient time and days of the week for your tuition. A Monthly Engagement Plan includes: 22 classes of 60 mins each duration 2 formal online assessments during the month with an objective of enhancing your confidence and higher retention of concepts Class Notes and study Material Class 6 - 9 = Rs 2999/- PM Class 10 - 12 = Rs 3999/- PM

If you are worried about any specific subject for the full academic year then just leave the trouble to us and we will plan out your complete tuition engagement so as to improve your overall performance and grasp of the subject during the academic year. Class 6 - 9 = Rs 17999/- PA Class 10 - 12 = Rs 24999/- PA

Why Online Private Tuition is good for you

It is a dedicated 1:1 session with undivided attention to a single student

Child safety is no more a concern. You don' have to invite a tutor at home or send your child to a Tutor's place

It works as per your convenience of time and days of the week

All online private tuition sessions are recorded and can be played back for quick recap or auditing and monitoring purposes

Parents can monitor the ongoing class from their own laptops without any intrusion

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Smart Learning with Smart Phone anytime, anywhere

Smart eLocker with 24X7 secure access for storing and sharing of your documents and study materials

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Smart eDiary with anytime notes, reminders and task management

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